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With the desire, willingness to learn, and making time to practice, anyone can learn to paint in watercolor!

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Welcome to Susan Bronsak's Watercolor Journey

My journey in watercolor starts back when I first sat in a Watercolor class given by Debbie Shuey while living in Waynesboro, VA. Although I didn't actually participate in the class, I definitely took in all she taught in that six-week class. During this time I discovered Susan Scheewe Brown through a magazine article and began following her methods. I loved her style so well that I began watching for and purchasing all tutorial books and DVDs I could find.

Along with Susan Scheewe Brown, I found Louise Jackson whom I followed for awhile and then Peter Saw. There are several other artists I discovered and followed but these three have been my primary "teachers" as I worked on my own developing my skills.


After discovering Peter Saw via an internet search for free tutorials, I purchased his CD which was the first Interactive Watercolor CD of its kind....this was back in late 2000. It just happened that I was his first USA customer as he resides in the United Kingdom. Then I joined his watercolor forum that was set up to go along with the CD as a means of support and interaction with other customers trying to learn via his CD. About a year into the forum, he made me his first moderator and then later his co-administrator until I branched off on my own with a small private group in 2006.

As of the last few years or so, I have changed direction in what I like to do, which is keeping an Artist's Journal, after coming across Cathy Johnson's website on keeping art journals. I prefer keeping journals rather than painting formal compositions as these visual diaries are much more fun to flip through, share with others, and relaxing for me.  Plus my love is sketching and painting illustrations more so than full compositions so "journaling" just seems to fit me perfectly.

All my work over the last several years is shared through my personal blog as well as my flickr account (both links are above.

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