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With the desire, willingness to learn, and making time to practice, anyone can learn to paint in watercolor!

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My Journey and Personal Message

My journey began as a young teen simply wanting to learn to draw. I remember the at-home study course advertised on TV that I believe is still being aired today. I was never able to take that advertised course but in time began teaching myself through the use of books from the library to later purchasing books as I could afford them. My collection today exceeds 460 forms of instructional material from books to DVDs…..and still growing.

By means of step-by-step tutorials, I doubt there’s much in the way of arts and crafts I haven’t learned, to include knitting to cutting my own wood for tole painting. However, my greatest love and passion is watercolor and has been for over 14 years now.

It is with great thanks to a very dear friend, Debbie Shuey, for introducing me to the world of watercolor; and, it is with great appreciation and gratitude for all those people who dedicate much of their time to teaching through means of producing at-home tutorial instruction. There is a great deal of time and effort that goes into this instructional material made available to each and every one of us. I know as I am working on one of my own.

My deepest gratitude goes to yet another by the name of Peter artist I highly admire from the United Kingdom. It was through searching the internet for tutorials that I came upon his website. I was his first customer from the US, purchasing the first Interactive CD of its kind for learning and improving one’s skills in watercolor; and, one of the earlier members to join Mr. Saw’s art forum set up as support to his CD. Within 12 months of that purchase, things began happening I never believed possible for Susan. As I look back, I realize that during that period of time, I had been blessed with something very special.

Peter Saw has not only turned out to be my number one mentor, but a very dear friend as well. It is through meeting this special individual that I have come to learn so much from creating websites to facing many of my fears and insecurities that go beyond painting in watercolor. He has helped me to achieve one of my biggest dreams, which is working with others and sharing what knowledge I have acquired through the years.

Throughout the years I have passed up several opportunities to sell my work which many do not understand. For the longest time, neither did I except for speculation and suspicions it went along with many of my fears and insecurities. During a two week stay with Peter and his wife Jackie, I believe the answers truly came to life and I sincerely thank Peter for that as well.

But even with all the thanks and appreciation as mentioned above, it goes without saying that if not for the continued support and encouragement from my family, and the technical knowledge and abilities my husband possesses, I would not be where I am today. I have so much to be grateful for and I’m only now realizing to what extent.

My website was not created just for the sole purpose of showing what I may be capable of doing but instead a tribute to all those people who have touched my life and made it possible for me to reach my own desire and dream to reach out to others. Through instruction from books to the support and encouragement from personal friends and beloved family, I dedicate this site to all those who put so much into giving and helping others.

Last but not least, it is with the greatest hope that what I have shared here and throughout my web pages will be an incentive to those wishing to learn.

If you are a beginner or thinking you might wish to do something like this.................YOU CAN! It's only a matter of believing in yourself and working to make it happen.

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