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With the desire, willingness to learn, and making time to practice, anyone can learn to paint in watercolor!

Paintings Gallery

Landscape Paintings - Gallery 1

Snow Cabin
Dorthy Dent Tutorial

Hunting with Dad
December 1995


Reflections 2
Susan Scheewe Tutorial

Mountain Cabin
Susan Scheewe Tutorial

Mountain Stream
Susan Scheewe Tutorial 

Mountain Path 1
Susan Scheewe Tutorial 

Sunset Lake
Susan Scheewe Tutorial 

Around the Bend
Susan Scheewe tutorial 

Morning Reflections
Susan Scheewe Tutorial

Mountain Trail
Susan Scheewe Tutorial

Mountain Lake
Susan Scheewe Tutorial 

Winter Seclusion
Bob Ross Tutorial

Winter in the Country
Betty Denton Tutorial

Trunk n Quail
Kathy George Tutorial 

Arden, Tygart River, WV
February 2003 

Sand Dunes 

Cape Hatteras, NC
Patrick Seslar Tutorial 

Bridge at Watendlath
Peter Saw Tutorial 

Cactus Sunrise

Cactus Sunrise 2

March Monthly Project
Photo by Norman

Winter Pines
Zoltan Szabo Tutorial 

My Friend Morris
Susan Scheewe Tutorial

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