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With the desire, willingness to learn, and making time to practice, anyone can learn to paint in watercolor!

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Resource Page - Favorite Sites

This could be a very long list if I typed out every favorite blog, flickr accounts, supplier, or website. And I still find new favorites I might bookmark through my daily interactions with people in groups I follow and surfing the web. 

Here on this page I have included several of my main favorites.


Cathy Johnson - Art, Life, and Other Oddities

Serena Lewis Art

Vicky L. Williamson

Earnest Ward Drawn to Life

Brenda Swenson Watercolor

Jennifer Lawson

Flickr Accounts

I love the Flickr account sites as this is the place to go if you want to view a gallery of what these folks share.

Shari Blaukopf

Paul Heaston

Allan Adams BA FSA FSAI

Miz Dee

Rhody360 - Edward Huff

Sketcher Boy - Lee Kline

Lin Frye

Cathy Johnson


Everyday Artist - Leslie Fehling

Drawn In - Jean Mackay Art

Gordon MacKenzie Watercolours

Grant Fuller

Sterling Edwards

The Sketchbook - Shari Blaukopf

Hany Elkoshairi Artwork - Koshairi

Larry D Marshall Artist and Writer

Peter Saw - Paintdoodles

Peter Saw Watercolours and Pastels

Sandy Sandy Art Blog and Website


My favorite go-to suppliers are shown on the right side of each webpage. Don't forget to check out for price comparisons when shopping for materials and supplies.

Copyright Free Photos

Great sources for photo images to use as reference for paintings without fear of copyright infringement

Morgue Files

Paint My Photos

Facebook Photos for Artists

Watercolor Instruction

Watercolor Tutor

Artists and Blogs

Art Suppliers